Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today was the day that started it all.

I spend a good portion of my "alone" time on the internet browsing various blogs from moms and wives looking for ideas on child-rearing, cooking, organizing, and basic Stay-At-Home-Mom survival tips. I love these blogs. I have quite a few of them saved under my "favorites" tab. But today was the day when I realized I would start my own blog.

Now I already have a blog for and about my two beautiful kiddos. But I don't post much, if anything, about me on there. I just never thought I did anything that important or interesting worth posting. However, today was the day that I needed to vent. Today was the day when I didn't have a source to vent to. So, I started this blog.

Today was the day when I had to leave a public place because one of my children was throwing a full-blown, red-in-the-face, screaming, tears-and-snot-flowing tantrum. After numerous incidents of misbehavior and warnings that if she kept it up we would have to leave, I finally had to follow through on my threat and leave. The tantrum continued. All the way to the parking lot. Getting into the car. All the way home. (By this time, I was crying, too). All the way into the house. And for another 35 minutes after we were in the house.

I love my children with all of my heart, but today was one of those (very few) days when I asked myself, why am I a full-time stay at home mom? Would she behave better if I wasn't around? Am I doing the best job I can for my kids and husband? It's those moments of self doubt when I need to vent - hence, this blog.

I will share my quest to be a "good enough" mom and wife. A "good enough" housekeeper. A "good enough" cook. You get the picture.

So please join me on my journey of recognizing that I do indeed have the best job of all: a wife and mommy.


  1. I am looking forward to following this blog. Lord knows, I have a day like that a week where the kids are misbehaving, I am not following through on the best parenting practices and I wonder if I am really serving my children by being with them all the time. Thanks for this! I look forward to some help from you.

  2. Sis ... this is great. You need to vent sometimes. What a great stress reliever! From experience, I really don't think it matters if you are a SAHM or a mom who works out of the home (wish there is an acronym for that! :)). Kids will be kids and they all (well, except me when I was a kid I'm sure LOL) have these tantrums that embarass the heck out of parents. They are testing the waters and their sole goal right now is to make your life miserable! This too shall pass ... keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Yay! For the blog, I mean, not the tantrum. :-) I look forward to following your blog!!