Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Kitchen Helpers

I admit it - I am NOT one of those moms who really enjoys cooking with her kids. I feel terrible for saying it, but they slow things down, make a huge mess, waste ingredients, and in the long run, just make a lot more work for me. But I'm trying to get better. Trying to be more patient. Trying to just enjoy their little minds' curiosities about what goes on in the kitchen. And for that I am truly grateful. My son and daughter LOVE to help out in the kitchen, and I'm hoping that continues on for many years when I will need...and actually want...their help.

Here are my two little budding chefs:

Alison, age 4: who says a princess can't cook?
Christopher, age 2: All dressed up and ready to cook!

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  1. Sweet! I struggle with the same thing. Being a mom has made me loosen up A LOT about messes. Even though it is messy and takes longer, I do want my children to know how to cook. You're right it'll be a big help when they are older. :-)