Friday, October 15, 2010

A Healthier Apple Crisp

You just can't beat Autumn in Minnesota. The colors are beautiful, the air is crisp (with the exception of last week with temps in the mid-80s...) and the orchards are packed with scrumptious apples. So far this season, the kids and I have been apple picking THREE times, which has amounted to an abundance of apples. One of my favorite dishes is apple crisp. I have this great recipe from my hometown's hospital cookbook that is out-of-this-world good, but it also calls for nearly two cups of sugar. Yikes. I found this recipe that calls for much less sugar and tastes nearly as good, is nice and easy to put together, and makes your house smell absolutely wonderful. Enjoy!

"Healthified" Apple Crisp (adapted from Eat Better America)

6 c. (about 6 medium) sliced, peeled apples
1/4 c. frozen apple juice concentrate, thawed
1 tsp. ground cinnamon, divided
3/4 c. old-fashioned oats
1/4 c. whole wheat flour
1/3 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. butter, softened
1/4 tsp. ground ginger

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray 8-inch square (2-quart) glass baking dish with cooking spray. In medium bowl, mix apples, apple juice concentrate and 1/2 tsp. cinnamon until well mixed. Spread in baking dish.
In the same medium bowl, mix oats, flour, brown sugar, butter, ginger and 1/2 tsp. cinnamon until crumbly. Sprinkle over apples.
Bake uncovered 30 to 35 minutes or until apples are tender and topping is golden brown.
(Terrific served with vanilla ice cream!)

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