Monday, February 11, 2013


The flu bug has hit our house.  Big time.

First my kindergartner daughter.  Then me, my husband and 4-year-old son all got it at the same time.

Thankfully, so far, my 16-month-old has been spared.  I'm praying that this holds true and she escapes this terrible crud.

None of us have been this ill in quite a while.  Fever.  Chills.  Aches.  Coughing.  Oh my goodness, the coughing.  That is what has hit us the hardest.  I'm pretty sure my neighbors can hear us hacking away.

And yes, we all had the flu shot.

My daughter is feeling much better and is back to school now.  The rest of us are slowly recuperating.  I haven't been hit this hard in a while.

Why are there no sick days for SAHMs?

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