Monday, October 17, 2011

Menu Plan - week of 10/17/11

Back to menu planning! Hard to believe my new little baby is 2 weeks old already! I honestly think that was the fastest two weeks of my whole life. Life needs to slow down. My wonderful mom left last Friday after staying nearly three weeks with us, so today is my first day with just me and the three kids solo. So far, so good (with the help of my husband dropping my oldest off at preschool this morning!) But even with a newborn, we still have preschool, doctor appointments, soccer, swim lessons, and general life stuff to juggle so I am very grateful for my stash of ready-made freezer meals that I can pull out this week. Here is our plan for the week:

cold cereal and fruit
Pumpkin Spice Granola with yogurt
oatmeal and bagels

Mac and cheese, fruit and carrots
PB&J, cottage cheese, apple slices
Poor Man's Pizza, carrot sticks
Pita chips and hummus, cottage cheese, orange slices

Monday: leftover homemade pizza from Sunday night, lettuce salad, fruit salad

Tuesday: Chicken tacos (meat from freezer), chips and salsa, fruit salad

Wednesday: Ham and cheese casserole ( from freezer), lettuce salad

Thursday: out to eat at McDonalds (the older kids have flu shots at 7pm so I am bribing them with the Golden Arches afterwards...)

Friday: leftover buffet

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  1. Leftover buffet is my favorite meal! Happy Menu Plan Monday!