Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I am NOT feeling guilty about today...


My kids probably watched close to four hours of TV today. For this, I am neither apologizing nor feeling any guilt. They are both sick as dogs. The preschooler has a horrific cold and the toddler has both a cold and also a stomach bug. I am stuck at home with two sick, miserable kids. Snot, vomit and verrrry messy diapers have filled my days.

My relief? Good ol' TV.
Thank you, Nick Jr.
Thank you, PBS Sprout.
Thank you, Princess and the Frog via Netflix.

Because of you, my children were able to forget about their illnesses, cozy up on the couch with a sippy cup and blanket, and veg out with some television. Was it enriching? No. Did they expand their brain function or fine motor skills? Nope. Did they get fresh air and exercise? Definitely not.

But what they DID get was some down time that kept them occupied. They weren't crying. They weren't complaining. They were entertained. And mommy had some quiet time, too. If it weren't for this, I would likely have lost it today. It was survival wrapped up in a neat little gray package called a remote. My kids do not normally watch this much TV on a daily basis, but today it was necessary for one crazy mama and two sick kiddos.

I'm sure plenty of readers out there may think I'm the worst parent for allowing two young kids to watch so much TV in one day. Well, to each their own. Do I think I'm in the running for the Super Mother of the Year Award? No way. But my purpose of this blog is to keep it real. Yes, I like to menu plan. Yes, I like to bake and cook from scratch for my family. Yes, I enjoy organizing and keeping a (fairly) tidy home. But I am, under no circumstances, trying to operate under the disguise that I'm a SuperMom.

But what I am is a Super-Survivor. And my survival tool for the day: television.


  1. What else are sick kids to do? Sounds like a great plan! Hope the peanuts are feeling better soon! PS: Are you low on anti-bacterial wipes? LOL :)

  2. Nothing wrong with letting the kids watch some TV when their sick. Like Ginger said, "What else are they to do when they're feeling miserable"? Hope they feel better soon.

  3. Thanks fellow mommies for the thumbs-up support! Haha Gin...I blame the amusement park at the MOA for this one. Darn Merry-Go-Round... :-)