Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You know you're a mom cooped up at home with two sick kids when...

(1) You gave your kids chocolate chip cookies for breakfast in an attempt to get them to eat something (granted, they are homemade "breakfast cookies," but still chocolate chip cookies, nonetheless);

(2) You've drank 3/4 of a pot of coffee and one Diet Coke by 11 am;

(3) You've changed your shirt three times because you are covered in snot, vomit, and/or poo; and

(4) Your basement looks like this:

Calgon, take me away!


  1. Sorry about your bad day! However, cookies for breakfast sound good, did you enjoy some, too? :)

  2. Amanda: You know it! I saved the biggest one with the most chocolate chips for myself. :-)

  3. Hope the kids are feeling a little better today? My kids love breakfast cookies, the kind I make DOES have oats in them, so I don't feel guilty about letting them have some.