Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan: Week of 5/23/10

I have a very abbreviated menu plan this week. The kids are going to stay at Camp Grandma's in South Dakota for FIVE NIGHTS so this will be a quiet household for a while. (The longest I’ve ever been away from my kiddos is TWO nights so this will be something else!) I'm sure I'll be completely missing my babies after 24 hours but I’m totally looking forward to it! I firmly believe that a SAHM needs the opportunity to miss her kids. I feel a little guilty about that, but I know it's good for both me AND the kiddos. Oh, the plans I have...

So, back to menu planning. I only have a few nights of meal prep for my family this week. It is supposed to be very hot and humid this week so I’m trying not to run my oven at all, either. Thank You Mr. CrockPot!

Here's my plan for the (very short) week:

Cereal and Toast
Waffles and bananas
Honey Crunch Granola with vanilla yogurt

Poor Man's Pizza, green beans, apples
Spaghetti, carrot sticks, oranges
Pancakes (from the freezer) with peanut butter, bananas

Sunday: “Clean out the fridge” night: homemade chicken noodle soup (made with leftover chicken and broth I have in the fridge), taco quesadillas (made with leftover taco meat from last week's Taco Potatoes), and leftover Leann Chinn takeout from Saturday

Monday: CrockPot Angel Chicken, frozen mixed vegetables

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: Crockpot Garden Minestrone, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches

Thursday through Sunday: I'm on vacation and no "real" cooking planned! I'm envisioning a lot of cold cereal in my future...

For menu planning ideas and recipes, please visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.


  1. The crockpot angel chicken looks great!

  2. We do taco potatoes at our house too! I call them "Baked Potatoes Ole!" :)
    That Angel Chicken looks like a must-try for me! Yum.