Friday, June 18, 2010

My High-Tech Recipe Holder

I love a good cookbook. I have quite a collection of cookbooks on my bakers rack, and I probably check cookbooks out from the library more often than I do actual novels. However, I find that most of the time I am not actually referencing an actual cookbook when I cook or bake. I find most of my recipes online and I have also compiled my favorites in a Word document on the computer. When I need to find a recipe, I just open the document and print out that page.

Which leads to my recent issue of losing a single piece of paper under the pile of pans, measuring cups, cans of diced tomatoes, or whatever else I happen to be cooking or baking with at the time. So I devised this fool-proof method of quick single-page recipe referencing:

I just clip it on to my stovetop range hood. I use a magnetic clip that I think I got at Dollar Tree in a pack of three or four. Genious, I know. :-) So simple but it really is so slick that I just felt I had to share. It's great to be standing at the stovetop, stirring whatever I need to be stirring at the time, and then easily glancing up to see what I have to add next.

This "newbie" cook is just so proud of herself. :-)


  1. I love these clips. We have a metal front door & I use them there too. On the outside for leaving notes or the inside for the kids school calendar, lunch money or a letter that needs to make it to the mailbox.

  2. Such a smart idea!! We have an extra laptop that we keep in the kitchen, but I am always afraid of spilling. This is a great fix :)

  3. Genious! I love it when the simple things are the most effective.