Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things I Love Thursday - Dry Erase Calendar

I'm in love with my new calendar. I've always been wary of the calendars/dayplanners where you have to write in the date yourself. Really, it's just more work for me and I knew I would never keep up with it.

Until I saw these adorable dry-erase weekly calendars at Target.

It came with double-sided sticky tape AND magnets so you can hang it on a wall or your fridge. I opted for the fridge. It forced me to clear off the messy front of my fridge, arrange/take down some pictures of my adorable children, nieces and nephews, and make room for the new calendar. It is the perfect size to fill in various playdates and park visits we have scheduled this summer, and there is also space to fill in my menu plan for the week (which looks better than the scribbled-on Post-It notes I used to have hanging on the fridge with my menu plans). And perhaps the best was only $5! They came in plenty of cute colors (I opted for the turquoise blue). Love it!

One more step closer to being less cluttered and more organized.

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  1. I finally hung a white board out in our garage just for me and my hubby to keep track of the weekly stuff that doesn't always go on the works. Great post!

  2. This would be perfect for us! I currently have 2 calendars and neither of them work well.

  3. I have something similar (a $1 version) and it totally keeps me sane!!! At the beginning of the week, I write down anything for that week (routine and special stuff off my big calendar) plus menu plan and it is a lifesaver. Love it!!!

  4. Stopping in from the Diaper Diaries!!

    We use a whiteboard on the fridge, too! Helps keep our life organized!!