Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update: What I Did On My "SAHM Day Off"

Well, I said I wasn't going to do it. I said I wasn't going to feel like I was on the clock during last Saturday's SAHM Day Off. But I did. Here is rundown of my very exciting day.

First, I spent an exciting hour and a half at the car dealership getting my car's oil changed. A ridiculous amount of time wasted there, but I was able to get a few chapters read in Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer. I'm almost done with the book now and it's worth a read. The dealership was kind enough to wash my car for me so that checked off one thing on my "to do" list.

Next, I made a wasted trip across town to the children's consignment shop. I went in with three big bags of spring and summer clothes and left with three big bags of clothes. They only took a few of my items because they were overstocked in the sizes I brought in (mostly 2T and 3T). Sigh... I did find a cute black and red like-new Nike spring jacket for my little guy, though, for only $5.50.

I then drove down the block to "my" consignment shop where I had some bucks burning in my credit account there. I found a cute pair of capris, a short-sleeved sweatshirt and long-sleeved t-shirt. I love feeling like I walk out of there with "free" clothes because no cash was exchanged - I just used the credit I had from items I had sold there in the months past.

I tried to go to a leisurely lunch by myself. I drove next door to one of my favorites restaurants (Good Earth) only to find no parking spots and standing room only in the lobby (at 1:30 in the afternoon? really?). So then I drove to the nearby Starbucks thinking I'd just grab a mocha and a muffin. Again, no parking spots. Another sigh...

So a very hungry and caffeine-deprived Holly then drove across town to Aldi to do some stock-up-the-pantry shopping. I left Aldi with a cart full of canned goods, cereal, produce, AND a waffle maker for only $55! I loooove Aldi and I'm so happy that they are currently building a new one even closer to my house. The man ahead of me in the checkout lane was so unbelievably rude and cranky to the poor cashier. If anyone goes to Aldi, they know how terribly busy the cashiers are and how quickly they have to work. So when I made my way up to the cashier I utilized some of what I've learned by reading the Love Revolution and made a point to tell the cashier that he did a great job, I appreciated his hard work and I was amazed by how quickly he could scan all the items. The guy looked like at me like I was speaking in tongues.

I then drove to Arc's Value Village thrift store to donate the three bags of kids' clothes that consignment wouldn't take. I knew I was losing some good $$ by not finding another consignment to take them, but (1) I don't have the time, and (2) I don't have the room to store the clothes anymore! So off they went to a good cause and for someone else to enjoy.

Last on my list: the dreaded Target run. I stocked up with groceries, toilet paper, etc. for the week. I had milk, eggs and cheese with me on a fairly warm Minnesota winter day (a whopping 32 degrees!) so I knew I had to head home to bring home the groceries.

I was home for 4:00. The kids were both up from their naps. They were happy to see me and I was SOOO very happy to see them. It only took a few hours of busy errands for me to miss my lil' ones.

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