Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A lazy, tired SAHM's supper

After a terrible night's sleep, hosting a playdate that morning, chasing around two kiddos, cleaning up after the playdate, and a hubby that was having a work-related dinner out on the town and wouldn't be home that evening, I had zero - zippo - nada - absolutely NO energy or desire to cook a supper for myself or my children on Monday evening.

So what to do? My daughter actually suggested a picnic lunch (despite the fact it wasn't lunchtime), which sounded like an excellent idea to me. So five minutes and one full muffin tin later, supper was served. I cut up a PB&J sandwich and put each piece in a muffin tin, surrounded by pretzels, pickles, apple slices, and a cheese stick for each kid. I spread a blanket on the kitchen floor and we had ourselves a little kitchen-floor-picnic. Hardly any dishes or cleanup and the kids loved it. I even got a chance to sit and rest for a few minutes on the floor with my kiddos, which allowed me to gather up enough energy to take them to the library after our meal. Everyone was happy!

(And yes, those are tattoos on my children's forearms. You send your kids to the zoo on a Sunday afternoon with their dad, and they come back with tattoos).

Nutritionally, would I do this every night? Certainly not. But I'm tucking this idea away for future very-tired-SAHM-by-herself nights. So maybe every other night, then?


  1. Very cool...this is a great idea for a winter in front of the fireplace idea. I'll have to tuck this one in the memory - oops except we don't have much of a memory as mommy's do we?? hehehe

  2. We do indoor picnics a lot during the winter, but usually for lunch. For some reason, I never thought of doing them for dinner. I love the muffin tin idea too! I'll definitely have to try that. And I agree, sometimes those kind of dinners are so worth it if it means you get to sit & rest, even if its just for a few minutes. Sometimes when my hubby has to work late, we eat cereal with a fruit salad for dinner...definitely not something we'd do daily, but on those kind of nights...totally acceptable!

  3. My two year old loves indoor picnics! Ha ha and last time we went to the zoo, my kiddo came home with a tattoo hubbs thought it was the greatest thing ever.