Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Great Pantry Clean-Out - completed!

We live in a very small house. But one of the many things I love about our little cozy house is that, despite its small size, our house has a very nice-sized kitchen and walk-in pantry. I often wonder what I would do without my pantry. shameful as it is, my lovely pantry is often turned into the "shove it in there for now because I don't want to deal with it" spot. Plus, because our house is so small, the pantry also holds the recycling, kids' art supplies, brooms and mop, step stool, and extra folding chairs. There have been times when I haven't even been able to walk in to our walk-in pantry. As I stated in my previous post, my pantry just one of the areas of my home that needed good gutting and organizing. Here is the shameful "before picture"...(blush):

(Yes, that is a 12-pack of Diet Coke floor. And yes, I wrote a few a months ago about how I was giving up Diet Coke. But in my defense, my mother had come up for a visit and she drinks Diet Coke, so I bought some for her during her stay. I'm not going to lie and say that I haven't snuck one or two during naptime since, but I'm doing much better.)

Wow. I threw out nearly a bag of stale and old crackers, chips, and some expired beverages. (What a waste, right?) I also emptied TWO bags of dried up Play-Doh containers, broken crayons, used up coloring books, and old art projects. I moved some things around, cleaned the floor and shelving, and...
The "after":

It feels so good to have this cleaned out and organized. Not to mention it's great to be to actually walk in to my walk-in pantry.


  1. Just found your site. I'm jealous of your pantry. It looks beautiful.


  2. How you get that stuff done with two little ones is beyond me! Whenever I have some free time I seem to end up on my butt... :-)

  3. Kristine: thanks for stopping by my site! I'm lucky to have a nice, big pantry. Now if I can just keep it clean...

    Katherine: it's amazing what a boost of caffeine and some extra sugar can do to me some days during naptime! However, the last two days I have spent my kids' naptime with my butt firmly planted on the couch. :-)