Saturday, January 8, 2011

The kitchen organization - completed!

So far, I'm doing pretty well on getting rid of stuff and organizing various parts of my home that have been driving me batty. One of the items on my list was my kitchen - cupboards were stuffed with way too many things that I haven't used in years, Tupperware containers with no lids, and kitchen gadgets I never used...or even opened.

After a couple of good nap-time cleaning sessions, I got it done. I am a tad ashamed of the "before" pictures, but this is all about honesty amongst us moms, right? Here are the before and after pics:

The area above my microwave...cluttered with vitamins and unused glassware and bowls:

I got rid of a box of glassware for donation, threw out old, cracked dishes, and moved the vitamins into the cabinet:

One of my kitchen cupboards that housed everything from our griddle, colanders, pasta bowls, Ziplocs and juice pitchers.

I gave away plenty of unused items, filled up another box for donation, and made room for everything we still need and use:

The dreaded Tupperware cupboard. Now that my kids are old enough that they aren't opening this up and playing in it every day, there was NO EXCUSE for how bad it had gotten. In my purging haste, I forgot to take a picture of the "before". I filled an entire large garbage bag with unused or mismatched containers for donation. No threat of items falling out on me when I open it now:

And another "cannot get this door closed" cupboard, filled with mixing bowls, baking pans, muffin tins, cookie sheets, and cooling racks. Again, I forgot the "before" picture. This is the one cupboard that I didn't get rid of anything in, since I use everything in there. It just needed a good organizing and cleaning:

I have plenty left to do to get my little house in order, but cleaning out parts of my kitchen was a pretty good start. Even my husband was impressed. :-)

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  1. It looks great! Organizing my drawers and cabinets is one of my goals this year to. Taking it in baby steps, that way I don't get discouraged.