Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The kids' room - completed!

This is my first follow-up to last week's post regarding simply being overtaken with too much stuff. Number one of my list - and my highest stressor during the day because I was on the verge of falling and breaking a leg if it didn't get cleaned up - the kids' room.

The day of my post, here is what my kids' room looked like. Gulp...the "before".

This is only a 10x12 room that is shared by both of my kids, ages 2 and 3. (Yes, my oldest still sleeps in a crib. We have taken the front off two different times to convert the crib into a daybed, but she hates it and says she will fall out. Whatever makes her happy!) My awesome hubby took three - yes, three - days off recently and was able to entertain the kiddos in the basement and living room while I purged their room of too much stuff. Unused baby dolls. Unused stuffed toys. Shape sorters that haven't been touched in seven months. Trucks that have been stuck under someone's bed for six months and therefore won't be missed. It all went ... and amounted to three large grocery bags plus one large box full of stuff for Goodwill. (I must admit that I was saddened to think of how much money I could've made by selling this stuff at a garage sale, but I have absolutely NO place to store the stuff until this Spring.) I was even able to drop it off for donation that afternoon so it didn't just sit there in a corner of my bedroom for three months.

And happy sigh...the "after."

Granted, these pictures were taken after everything was picked up before naptime. As I write, Princesses are strewn all over the floor again. But the important part is that there is now a place to STORE the princesses and trucks neatly. And that makes me a happy SAHM.

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  1. LOVE IT! Awesome that hubby was able to take time off to entertain the kids while you worked - you're so lucky! Doesn't it feel good to have it all out of the house - instead of waiting to sell it? I struggle with those feelings, too!