Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fails - lots of little things

Where is my energy? I think my lack of energy these days counts for most of my "fails" this past week. I can't blame it on being too busy or distracted. Just plain ol' tired, which is odd because we've had such gorgeous spring-like weather here in Minnesota the past few days and I'm only one week off of a recharging 2-day getaway with my husband.

Here are a few of my "fails" from this past week:

1. I let my daughter watch 2.5 straight hours of TV yesterday morning without even worrying about it. Granted, we followed it up with 1.5 hours of play at the park, but still...that's a lot of TV in one morning.

2. I haven't mopped my kitchen/dining/entryway floor in over two weeks. This may not seem too bad to some, but given the current state of MN weather that guarantees muddy and dirty shoes, my floor is hideous. The bottoms of my kids' socks are turning brown. I sweep every day, telling myself that's getting it "clean enough."

3. I started out the month of March with the goal of following the $200 Challenge spearheaded by Sarah last month at Clay In His Hands. I had the awesome goal of spending only $200 this month on groceries for our family of four. I started out great, only spending $67 through March 10th. And then my mini "vacation" hit, stocked up on unexpected items for babysitters Nana and Papa and treats for the kids, and completely blew my budget and completely lost track of how much I spent. Okay, it was my failure to start this in March knowing I had all of this going on, but here it is - only March 19th - and I'm pretty sure I've already blown way past $200 for groceries. Maybe next month...

4. Speaking of money, I have totally failed my frugal ways and shopped way too much this past week. I have spent more on clothes this past week for myself and the kiddos then I have spent in the last eight months. And these are new, retail clothes - no consignment or thrift store shopping for this lady lately. What's going on??

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  1. I am not even going to tell you how long it's been since I mopped my hardwood floors. It's shameful.

  2. Oh girl! You sound like me....exactly like me. I fail at my house, at my grocery budget and at letting Ridley watch his little videos too much. Sigh.

    Thanks for linking up and keeping it real with Friday Fails! ;)