Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My first big CVS trip

So my favorite hobby these days is scanning other mom's blogs and looking for great recipes and great ways to save money. My "research" showed that lots of moms shop at CVS, a place I had never shopped before. So, I decided to give CVS a try. I made three smaller trips in the past few weeks to get used to how Extra Care Bucks (“ECBs”) work and to determine if these trips to CVS were really worth it. But this week I decided to make myself an official “CVS’er" and made my first big trip to CVS. I took about 20 minutes to scan the Sunday circular ad, compile my coupons, and make my list.

I was pretty proud of myself that I only purchased one item that was not on my list: a box of Rice Krispie treats. But what can I say – I had the two kids with me, blood sugar was running low for all of us, and I forgot to pack snacks. I stocked up on 3 12-packs of Diet Coke (I know it’s terrible for me but I limit myself to 1 can per day. It’s my “get me through till naptime” vice.) My daughter still wears pullups to bed so I simply could not pass up this deal on Huggies Pull-ups. I also stocked up on some Covergirl makeup. (this mama's makeup bag is in need of an overhaul and I took advantage of this sale to stock up on a few much-needed items!)

After sales, coupons, a $3 ECB from a previous trip, and ECBs earned from this trip, here is what I got for $45.73: (assuming I did the math correctly!)

1 box Rice Krispies
1 box Corn Flakes
(2/$4 - $1.50 off 2 coupon = 1.25 each)

3 Diet Coke 12-packs
($3.33 each + 3 ECBs = 2.33/pk.)

2 Huggies Pull-ups, size 4T-5T
($8.99 each - $2 coupon - $2 coupon + 5 ECBs = 4.49/pk.)

1 box Rice Krispie treats

2 Colgate Total toothpaste
(2/$5 - $.75 coupon = 2.13 each)

2 Oral-B Advantage toothbrushes
($2.99 each + 2 ECBs – BOGO coupon = .50 each)

1 Palmolive dishsoap
($.97 - $.50 coupon = .47)

1 Swiffer refill 16-count
($3.99 - $.75 coupon = 3.24)

2 Softsoap body wash
($4.99 each - BOGO sale - 2.50 each)

1 CVS body wash
(free with email coupon)

1 Covergirl eyeshadow palette
($8.49 - $1.00 coupon)
1 Covergirl mascara
1 Covergirl concealor
- $2.50 coupon for buying two Covergirl cosmetics
+ 8 ECBs for buying $20 worth of Covergirl cosmetics
= $10.77 for all three items

Attention all other CVS'ers out there --- how did I do? It seems like all in all, I still spent a lot of money, but I really did come home with some "high ticket" items (like soda and pull-ups). Please let me know what you think in a comment and offer up any additional advice to save more at CVS. I know I can do better next time!


  1. I think you did a good job Holly. One thing that I just started doing was breaking it up into multiple transactions and applying my ECB's towards the 2nd transaction. It seems to result in less OOP for that particular trip. I used to just save them for the next time instead.

  2. I always hit the CVS clearance items on every trip. Recently got Polly Pocket sets regularly 8.99 for 0.49 & Batman figures regularly 14.99 for $1.49. Great for unplanned for Birthday gifts (or bribes). Sunday they seem to mark everything on clearance down another 50% at our store.